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Quality and stylish design that protects your properties from the hazardous UV rays, blocks the solar heat and provides a cool environment for your Car to park.They come in elegant structure covered with colorful shade-net of your choosing which significantly raises the quality and image of your office or home. The quality of the shade net we use combined with the sheer strength of the metal structure can withstand even strong rainfall and winds and provides you with an everlasting car parking shade with zero maintenance cost.

Swimming is supposed to be relaxing anytime activity but in most cases the Sun makes it quite limiting. If that’s the case for you then you no longer have to worry, PAEL will install a suitable shade for your swimming pool that will enable you the privacy from onlookers and protects you from the sun, for that specific purpose.

When it comes to learning and playing you can’t separate kids with outdoor activities, much care is needed however to ensure that they are properly protected. At PAEL we install safer and stylish playground covers that guarantee your kids protection from the UV rays and the solar heat which are very harmful to our young ones.So whether it’s you house, school or a kid’s park, you will need to cover your plays with our shades to give the kids a perfect environment for them to play and learn.

If you own a shop or a restaurant, awning or canopies gives you a perfect combo effect, first as a décor for your establishment and second a cover from a bad weather (can be rain or the hot sun).

On sunny days, and it can be at your very own front porch or a garden you will need to a place to chill out with friends and family, then our garden umbrellas or parasol are perfect shade solution for that. We offer garden umbrella that can be tailored to fit your personal taste or the  space they occupy.

We design, manufacture and install tents of various types that fits the rigors of everyday life. So weather its camping trip, a wedding, a party or even a relief tent, we’ll provide you with tents of the highest quality that caters for that specific purpose.

Shades Structure